Chromecast has thus far been a huge success, often selling out of stock online and in local stores. Personally I had to call around to find a store that had stock, given the power of the device and the price, people found it an irresistible option to turn their dumb TV into a smart TV. However, once the device is bought home and the thrill of a new toy purchase wears off, some may feel that the hype was a little unjustified. Well I'm here to give you some cool apps to really super charge you dongle.

Big Web Quiz
Something that not a lot of people realize is that you can connect multiple phones to the chromecast, turning your TV into a score card for this really fun, useful app. You can connect up to five devices to your chromecast where you will be asked questions on both the TV screen and your device's screen. You then have to answer the trivia questions as quickly as possible, gaining point for each correct response. At the end of the round, you can view the leader board and tease the loser mercilessly. The questions are compiled directly from the Google knowledge graph, giving you the most up to date and current questions possible. 

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CastPad for Chromecast
Gone are the days of a paint brush and paper, and the associated mess, these days you can paint directly onto your chrome connected device and see the result on your huge 55″ LED TV, not much mess at all. It can also be used in conjunction with an old school board game, like pictionary or cranium. A real treat. 

Pocket Casts
One of my favorite apps on the market today would have to be Pocket Casts. Being an avid podcast listener, I can (and you too) now stream all my locally saved podcasts onto the big screen whilst doing my daily chores. The streaming service supports both audio and video, and has a very neat UI similar to the new Android Lollipop theme.